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Riverchase Residential Association/Riverchase Country Club Guest Access Partnership

The Riverchase Country Club (RCC) and Riverchase Residential Association (RRA) announce a partnership arrangement whereby RRA members in good standing will enjoy limited access to the golf, tennis, and dining facilities of RCC.  Each interested RRA member in good standing must complete a Guest Family Profile Form and submit to RCC for an Identification Card and Guest Account tracking number before guest access begins.  

  • Guest access to Riverchase Country Club is granted to all Riverchase Residential Association members that are in good standing (good standing is defined by the RRA as being current on RRA dues) and live in Riverchase at no additional out of pocket expense to RRA members.
  • The RRA guest access partnership will cost $25.00 per year per household that will be allocated from existing annual RRA dues.
  • RRA Guest Access Partnership parameters:
    • Reservations are required
    • Each Family MUST have a completed Guest Family Profile Form on file with Riverchase Country Club before using any facilities
    • Golf (RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED) 205-988-8111
      • 1 round per month at the daily guest rate (currently $55 Tue-Thur and $75 Fri-Sun)
      • Access to driving range prior to play. Unlimited driving range access for $250 annual fee
      • May bring up to 3 guests per monthly visit at the current guest rates
    • Tennis (RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED) 205-988-8165
      • 1 visit per month (currently at the rate of $5 per person).
      • May bring up to 3 guests per monthly visit at the current guest rates
    • Dining (RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED) 205-988-4140
      • Thursday Family Night dinner once per month at current menu prices
      • Friday Night Live dinner once per month at current menu prices
      • Breakfast/Lunch unlimited at current menu prices
      • Only household members may participate in dining services
    • Reserve the Clubhouse facilities for special events and occasions at discounted rates
  • RRA Guest Access Partnership  limitations:
    • NO access to Fitness Facility
    • NO access to Pool Facilities

LINK to RRA Guest Family Profile Form